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Reports - Western U.S.

Penryn, California -- Dec 4, 1996
UN Troops Fly UFOs In California
Volvo positioned to be the vehicle of choice for the UFO-wary shopper...

Estacada, Oregon -- Aug 16, 1998
Mount Hood Timber Stands Controlled by UN! Clear cutting permits from federal government facilitate UN base construction...

Lucky Peak Reservoir, Idaho -- Oct 4, 1997
Elite German Amphibious Commando Unit Trains At Idaho Reservoir!
UN troops use ski boat as cover during underwater demolitions training...

Polson, Montana -- Dec 5, 1996
Tanks Surround Town In Montana
2,500 U.N. armored personel carriers surround town while Tommy Lee Jones watches...

Eastern Oregon -- Aug 10, 1997
Oregonians Capture UN Train, Shoot Down UN Helicopters!
Group apparently captured UN train after it was unloaded at a Portland dock...


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