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UN Invades Texas!

Reported May 12, 1997

I seen something I know aint right. After they done overrun & imprisoned & killt the Republic of Texas patriots, I been lookin out, and I seen it. You tell me. If this aint the UN or some other invasion, maybe ATF or FBI or other feds--or globe-feds, which is the worst--then tell me what.

I was down there at Joe-Bob's (it is a private bar & good bbq) having a shot, and I hear these boys in a booth next to the phone, and they got these suits like bankers or like some kinda slick willies, and they say Hey yall let's give ole Andre a call, and the Old Man there says Naw don't be callin Andre (they say it like on-dray) don't do that, then this boy wearin sunglasses says, I gonna give Andre the news, and the old feller says, You don't got any code for it, and that boy says, I believe I do, and that kid put a quarter in the phone and said a long number and says, Andre it's time to gittum. And then I waited for awhile, and he said Okay, execute with extreme prejudice, okay okay.

Then I hearde this whoop whoop whoop and it was a helicopter--this was later--and this was a black helicopter and it had guns, and all these boys walked out the door and got in that thing, left their cars (Toyotas) in the parking lot, and they just took off. Then a 18 wheeler comes and gets those cars and takes off. Then I go to sleep cause I worked a long time like 3 days.

Today I awakened at the Wheat Growers grain elavator, which they (Wheat Growers) sold a few years ago, and this kinda girly looking boy asks me if I'm okay and says he's got stuff to eat upstairs, meaning upstairs in the grain elevator, which to me is noplace, but we go up there with a big old freight lifter and this boy says I am Jon Liberty welcome to my fort let us have some breakfast, ...

Here I sit eating this toast & eggs with thick old bacon & what with this grain elevator and so on, I wonder if the UN must be behind this insanity.

Are they?

Lee H.

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