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United Nations Troops Fly UFOs In California

Reported December 4, 1996
Penryn, California USA

I was driving home from work last Thursday night about 8pm. I was in my Volvo wagon - it's the safest thing I can drive given the large number of UFO's that have crashed into cars recently.

Anyway...I was on Laird Road and saw a UFO coming straight for me in the Volvo. At the last minute it pulled up and landed in a field, and out came a bunch of UN soldiers - all wearing black. I shut the Volvo off, and walked quietly toward them. The strong smell of garlic and perspiration filled the air, leaving me with little doubt that these guys came from Europe. They smelled like a second class Paris metro car.

I didn't have my camera with me, but I did manage to get a baggie full of the odor that surrounded the troops. I'm keeping it in my freezer right beside the dinosaur eggs and my bigfoot scat.

Rich C.

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